Katelyn Fay

Untitled pen on canvas 130x130 cm. 2014

Day 14:
Less is sometimes more. 

Tove Jansson on the island of Bredskär in 1950.
Tove and Lars Jansson bought the island and built a house called Vindrosen (The Wind Rose) in 1947. The whole family moved in except for Tove’s brother Per Olov Jansson (who also took this photo), since he already had a cottage on a nearby island.
In post-war Finland, building material was hard to come by and among other things, nails were pulled out and straightened from old planks to make the building possible.
I wanted these pineapple glasses but all I can see are weird palm trees.

Super cool colour extensions by @tori_stewart93


If it isn’t Paper Buffet! Photographs from the current installation are online now, a group show of Papier Mache sculptures and things! featuring…Dave Bailey, Clyve Bonelle, Rebecca Crompton, Helen Hancocks, Dylan Hughes, Alex Humphreys, Bryony Jackson, Faye Coral Johnson, Lucy Jones, Lucy Letherland, Hannah Mort, Suk Ninmyo, Mike Redmond & Edwin Stevens
See them here!
Zoe Schlacter - Tooth Structure Dress and Accessories
Holly Leonardson, Cheering-up
Zoe Schlacter - Cake Selfie

when time works for us - verena baumann

Cailie’s hair + kiwis on the ferry 💚💜💙